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This comic, Say Something, is a story that manifested from my desire to speak. Too often do I have thoughts that are incomplete because of their premature cutoff. That may have caused my incoherent speech patterns from time to time, but who knows?


words i wish someone had told me


words i wish someone had told me


Sterling Silver Mended Heart Necklace

As humans, we all experience hardships, sometimes causing a broken heart. With time, though, our wounds do generally heal. This sterling silver pendant resembles a broken heart, stitched back together. Hung on a chain available in 16” and 18” lengths. Sold on Etsy.


Square Enix presents the Justice League.


The whole film took me altogether about 5 grueling months (usually 10-12hours a day) to do. I often felt my butt was going to grow into the chair I usually sat at. 

Please note that this was simply my way of doing my film to achieve the soft-shaded style I wanted; there are many other ways of doing this and some are a lot faster with different results~! :)

This tut differs a bit from my dA version, because tumblr lets me put the combination of gifs and jpegs :D. 

Here’s a book that will really help you start animating:

here’s some books that are good for composition, storytelling and colours:

I hope these helped

I ask that no one removes the credit or source for this tutorial/guide please. thanks :)

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